HTML5 vs Highcharts in jasper server

1. Is this HTML5 feature of jasper server refers to highcharts feature?

2.  If HTML5 feature is different from highcharts feature in jasper server , could you please share link of jasper highcharts documentation.

3. From which version of jasper server, highcharts feature is supported?


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1 Answer:

1. Yup.

2. Ha! When have you seen Jaspersoft document anything useful???

3. Verion 2.3.2, as of Jaspersoft Profession version 5.5 (Annoying Jaspersoft DIDN'T upgrade to the latest version of Highcharts when they moved to Version 5.5, or 5.2, or 5.1....)

I use this for documentaion on Highcharts (and HTML5 charts in Jaspersoft) -

Generally most of the options here can be translated into "advanced parameters" in the HTML5 cahrt options in dotted formats, eg, to disable xAxis labels you'd create the advanced property xAxis.label.enabled and set the expression to be Boolean.FALSE.

When setting parameter expressions, it accesses fields from the main report, not the sub dataset you're using to fill your chart.

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