How to use command line to open a JRXML report

Hello all,

In my code call iReport to open a jrxml report with the following syntax: iReport report1.jrxm.

however i can't do the same with JasperStuio.

Would you please help me using command line to open a rxml file with jasperstudio.

Thank you

ng. Son

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1 Answer:

you can open also with Jaspersoft Studio from command line. 
Since Jaspersoft Studio it's an Eclipse based application you will have to go with the "Eclipse way".

Therefore you will need to launch your JSS like this:

# /opt/jaspersoft/<jaspersoftstudioversion>/ $ ./Jaspersoft\ Studio --launcher.openFile /tmp/MySampleReport.jrxml

This is a Linux example, but the same should apply also for Windows / Mac using the same "--launcher.openFile <file>" option.

Not sure what is the use case for this, but please remember that since JSS is Eclipse based and uses projects inside the workspace, the following operation will result in opening the JRXML but you will see in MyProject a link for the external file.

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Hello mrabbi,
Thank you for your help. Your support helped me solve the my problem.

ngs0001 - 9 years 2 months ago

Glad, it did.

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mrabbi - 9 years 2 months ago