Default timezone seems not working

We are trying to set default timezone on the jasperserver. The timezone for the host computer I installed jasperserver was Europe/Berline, then the dafualt timezone for the jasperserver was Europe/Berlin as well. Now, I want to set the default timezone to Europe/London. I changed the host computer timezone to Europe/London, but it didn't applied to jasperserver this time. Then I set the timezone on <apache-tomcat>\bin\setenv.bat file to set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Duser.timezone=Europe/London. I restarted the server, I even restarted the windows-server, but changes arenot applied yet. When I am checking the timezone in login page it is still Europ/Berlin and when I am creating job scheduler, the default timezone is Europe/Berlin. I suppose when I set the timezone at jvm level, it applies to all the clients regardless of what is their client-timezone.

we are using jasperserver 5.5 and the host server is windows server 8.

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