User Defined SQL function in a Topic


I'm new to Jaspersoft so please forgive any ignorance on my part. I have a custom function that is part of my database.

This code will generate results in pgAdmin III and in a report run in both JasperStudio and JasperServer.

FROM payment.contribution_report_by_theatre_by_date(796, '05/01/2001', '05/05/2014');

payment is my schema, contribution report by theatre by date is my function, and the numbers are my variables. The function (if it matters) is written in plpgsql.

Where I can't get any results is when I try to use that SQL in a topic and build an Ad Hoc View from it. What am I missing? Is there a reason I can't use my custom function in an Ad Hoc View?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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