How to use multiple data sources in JasperSoft Studio?


In JasperSoft I can use multiple data sources in one report by setting a 'Virtual Data Source'. How do I do a similar thing in JasperSoft Studio?

Can it be that there isn't any way to use multiple data sources in one report in JasperSoft Studio?

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currently in Jaspersoft Studio you work with Virtual Data Source only using the JRS plugin. 
This means that you can define from JSS a new Virtual Data Source like you would in JRS. 

In JRS user guide the is as far as I know a dedicated chapter called "Example of Creating a Domain Using a Virtual Data Source".
After that you can create you report in JSS that uses a Domain like this.

Moreover I think that in JRS you should already find a sample domain using a VDS.
It should be the one with name "Virtual DS Domain" and description "Example of combining SugarCRM and Foodmart in Domain".

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Hello Massimo and thanks for your reply. Can you please explain to me what is the 'JRS plugin' and where can I find it?

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with the "JRS plugin" term, I refer to the plug-in used in JSS to deal with JasperReports Server.

Therefore, you can use it by adding a new JRS server installation in the "Repository Explorer" view, under the "Servers" node.
You can later add a new VDS using the context menu on an existing folder and then "New > Data Sources > Virtual Data Source".

Give a look at the attached screenshot.

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Hello Massimo, and thanks very much for your answer and your time.
Now that I understant your intention, I can tell you that I did these actions before, but when I stand on the virtual data source that i created, there is no an 'import' in the popup menu that appears (while there is such an 'import' on a simple, not virtual, data source. So finnally I do not have this data source available as a 'Data Adapter' in the repository view, and hence I do not have it either in the list of available data adapters when I try to define a new report.
Maybe I miss something - so I'll be happy if you can add me on this.
By the way, I couldn't open the pbg you attached.
Thanks again,

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