Export Parameters at JasperServer Link

Hi guys...

A new question! :P
I have this cenario:
JasperServer - Aplication(something like Visual Basic, but not...)

Inside of the application i have an object that simulate a web browser... inside him i access the reports on jasperserver through url with some parameters. At this point everything ok.
So, i want to export the report to xls, BUT after clicking it tries to open a new window (i.e) e then an error is throw:
"The system was unable to complete you request. Your conversation may have ended, expired, or been invalidated"

My guess is the action of open a new window to download the xls loses the session...but this is the default way that jasperserver works...
I make tests trying to export through other browser(google chrome, for example) without the application, and it works fine...(he open a new window quickly and downdoad begins...)

So, there is a way to put some parameters always when user click on link exports?... i pretty sure that parameters not comes from the app, because the link to export is created by the jasperserver...(right?)
How to figure this out?

Tnks in advance!

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