how to display images in pdf/a-1a documents

I would like to an image to a pdf/a-1a document in iReport. I know JPEG images are not allowed but are PNG or BMP images? Everything I've tried won't display my images in Acrobat Reader.

<image><reportElement key="image" style="Sans_Bold" x="371" y="1" width="160" height="51"/><imageExpression><![CDATA["Logo.png"]]></imageExpression></image>


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HI there It is difficult for me display image in pdf files using a code.For me ,i usually do the pdf processing issues using this pdf program: You can also have a try.Hope to help you.
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In the end I tried a gif file and it worked. Don't know why png didn't work.

stackofbones - 9 years 2 months ago