where do you specify input parameter's where clause in jasperserver



I need to create a report with query based input parameter. I can create the parameter but do not know where to specify the where clause in the report on the server. Do you specify it in the ad hoc view or somewhere else? I need to specify WHERE customer_id = $P{cust_ID}.

I have seen an example where it is done in jaspersoft studio but not on the server.


Thanks for your help

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Did you create the report from the Save Ad Hoc View and Create View option in the Ad Hoc Designer?

If you did, I'm assuming you added the filter to the view and then did a Save. When you did, did you get a popup that asked if you wanted to update the report too? If that didn't happend, this server may not think the two are linked anymore.

In this case, you could delete the report and then re-generate it from the Ad Hoc view.

There are other reasons that an AdHoc linked Report might not be updated when you save the Original view, if some other process or object has it open or includes the report. I've run into this when the report was used in a dashboard. You need to remove it from the dashboard before it will be updated.


djohnson53 - 5 years 9 months ago

Hello and thank you for looking into this.

When creating the Ad Hoc View i did not add filters, I saved the Ad hoc View and Created the report at the same time.

The reason i did not want to create filters was that i need cascading input controls ( when user makes selection in the first control the second control's value would automatically update based on the user selection).

In order to achieve this once i saved the report i clicked on edit report and added a control ( see attachment) that fetches data using an sql query . The controls are working nicely but the report itself would not change value therefore i think i am missing something.

Thank you for looking into this.

oakrami - 5 years 9 months ago

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