IReport 5.5 with Microsoft visual foxpro (*.dbf, *.DBC )


My client supply for me data is *.dbf and *.DBC. I use Ireport design report and i don't successful. Can you help me!

Step 1: I create an ODBC foxro name: NHUTFOX

Step 2: On Ireport I create a Datasource

Step 3: Edit query from report inspector but it not active

Now, i don't hava solution for this problem. I need help from everyone!!!!

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Does Ireport  work with Fox? 

nhutnhut79 - 9 years 3 months ago

2 Answers:

It looks to me like the query you have is not valid.  "Select" by itself is not valid.  You need to put in a valid query to see if it works.

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hi, where do you download JDBC? i cant make the datasource.. :(

Can you help me, explain the firsts steps..


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