Creating an Alarmlist


I´m trying to create an alarmlist over aq period of the last 24hours, where the number of the alarm is coming from a sql database but the Alarm text is coming from a CSV file

and I want to substitue the number from sql with the coresponding text from the csv file.

I´m using Ireport 5.1

I created a report and asked the sql query, got the number ok. tested it in a listkomponent and got a list of the numbers for the last 24h. all good so far.

tried to create a parameter for the second connection named csvconnection  of type with its default value as following: new File("E:\\andi2\\ANDI_HOME\\reports\\Álarmlists\\larmAM6Will.csv"))

but how to use it in the listkomponent as described above is beond me


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