JasperServer Performance Problem - Adhoc views, Dash Boards

Hi All,

Currently we are mplemented ad hoc views & Dash Boards in  "JasperServer-pro-5.2".  We have a huge performance problem. For each adhoc view its taking approx 10-20 sec. 

Anyone can you guide me please.



VV Nagesh Bodapati.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

I verified the links previously in jasper wikis.I tried all the scenarios i didn't get any performance change.
1) Is it possible remove jasper authentication completly?
--> in our application we have authentication.So we don't want additional
2) Currently we are using mongoDb.To get data from mongodb, our quaries will be taking few milliseconds. But to opening the adhoc view its taking 10-20 seconds. Some times this time will be more. why?
3) I implemented custom authentication for Jasperserver.Is it possible to pass data from our application to jasperserver ad hoc views.
Note: passing through URL i tried it will work only for dashboard & reports not adhoc views.
4) Is it Possible to hide the chat types in Dashboard?
5) Is it possible to implement cascading in ad hoc view filters?

Once again thanks for your quick reply.
The above information i need as early as possible. Now we are in production Phase, so we need fix it.

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