Compiled Java class in jar file .how to from jr

Hai all .Could you please some one guide me .I have compile java class in jar.i uploaded in to the Jasper report to call in jar file contains method from Jasper report server ,I mean From JRXML File.

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2 Answers:

STEP 1: l upload you JAR to jasper server as given below:

- STEP 2: Then go to "Control & Resources" page of a report and there add the resource created in STEP 1 as given below.


- After this you can call access any java methods from JRXML file

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Thank you so much sambitgudu.I uploaded like that but got Errors like
1.can't call class.
2.minor version 50 something like that got a error.(I Think This is Because JDK Version And JRE Version)
Suppose My Class name is IPTest and Method name is getResult().i Called IPTest.getResult().Because getResult() is Static thing i have to mention ,Jasper server is installed in Another system.I Uploaded in my System.Is There any Problem?
Could you please provide proper answer.

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Try to recompile the java class under Java 6. If compiled under Java 7 and then executed under Java 6. There will be a "major minor" type of exception.

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Thank you ,I will try it now

netti royala - 9 years 10 months ago

Thank you

netti royala - 9 years 10 months ago