Issue with Date Pattern after switch to JasperSoft Studio



After we recently switched from using iReports to using Jaspersoft Studio, I have just noticed something odd about setting the Pattern property for a Date field placed on a report.

i) If a Pattern had been set for Date field on a report created using iReports, then the Pattern can be editted using the Advanced tab when changing Properties in JasperSoft Studio. However, the drop-down options for Date all appear in American style (month before day) as the REPORT_LOCALE in Parameters for the report is not set - it needs to be English (United Kingdom). How does REPORT_LOCALE get set?

ii) If a Date field is dropped onto the report now we are using JasperSoft Studio, if the Advanced tab is used for changing Properties, the Pattern is not edittable (selecting one of the drop-downs does nothing and it allows you to enter a Pattern manually but does not save it to the Pattern property). However, if the Text Field tab is used for changing Properites, then the Pattern can be selected or manually entered.

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