Problems with NetBeans plugin 5.5 and barcodes

I am using the NetBeans plugin, version 5.5 to design a report which include an embedded pdf417 barcode.  I get values for the report from inputted values in a user interface.  The project is written in Java, and everything seems to be working correctly (based on my previous experiences with iReports), except that when the report prints (PDF), it prints a blank piece of paper.  I have done a ton of debugging; I see the correct values in the parameters map that I am using.  However, when I look at the results of the JasperFillManager.fillReport call, the resulting JasperPrint page is empty.  The PDF file is created, but it is empty.  The preview functionality in the plugin works correctly, displaying all of the data that I put in, including the barcode.  

Does anybody know why I get no output from the executable program?  I have spent a couple of days on this already and am bumping up against a deadline.



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