Parameter allowing user to select multiple Dates to Filter on


I am trying to create a report that returns the number of records based on a date field. I would like allow the user to select specific dates for the report to filter on. For example, when the user runs this report, a calender would pop up to allow the user to select multiple dates and the report would only brings back records where the date matches dates selected. Is this possible? Thanks.  

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Yes this is possible, you will want to implemnt the whole calandar popup in your java enviromnet. But in order to set a date you would work into the sql statement said query and set it to a paramater. This pramater is one  you create in iReport. below is an example.

Java Side:

Stirng startDate = " ";

String endDate = " ";

Date date = new dateFormat("your fromat");

Map pram = new HashMap();

paramater.put("Start", startDate);

paramater.put("End", endDate);



your table with the date


your table


your table = $P{START_DATE}

your table = $P{END_DATE}


Report Inspector --> paramater --> add a new on and call it start date and end date

Place them in the template.

This is of course very rough outline however the basic flow is like so.



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Hi...Thank you for your response.
I am looking to accomplish something slightly different. I am having to build a report that looks at data for a date range like the solution you mentioned above but with additional criteria.
Selecting a Date range of data. Within that population of data, I need to count the number of records around 1st, 15th, and 25th.
If any data that has a date on either 1st, 15th, and 25th that falls on weekends or holidays, then also include the data for the weekend and for the next business day. For example, if I have 2 records that falls on the 1st and that happens to be on a saturday. The total count would be 2 records on saturday + # of records on sunday + records on monday. If monday happens to fall on a holiday, then count tuesday and so on. Instead of building the logic to count these records, I'd like to build a paramatized report that allows the user to select the date they want to include on the report.

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Ok, I see what you are asking for now.

In sql you can use a "Between" to put the desired range into the paramaters you want and then do this for each date selected.

yourTable.tableName $P{startDate} AND $P{endDate} AND

If you are trying only to get data of the 1st, 15, and 25th you will need to decide on how to make a range. In the example above it would be startDate == 1st and endDate == 25th.

Now if you are trying to trigger records for each date 1st, 15, and 25th the range would be more of a time frame like 24hrs. Keep taking it through though.

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Are you using the Jasper Server to generate Report.If you then it is very can also select by default dates.If user wants to  select dates also possible. 

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