Arial Italic is not working in pdf

With Option/Fonts I installed a Arial Font. I added also the fonts for Bold/Italic and Bold Italic. Because I'm making pdf's for Poland, I used CP1250 (Central European) coding with embedded fonts.

I my report I choose Arial, set Italic to true.

On the screen and on the Preview screen I see italic text. But when I start the pdf it is not Italic. 

In the xml file i only see:

<reportElement x="184" y="50" width="70" height="12"/>
<textElement textAlignment="Right">
<font fontName="Arial" isItalic="true"/>
<text><![CDATA[/ Delivery Date:]]></text>
But no other references.
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2 Answers:

Options on IReport--> ClassPath tab--> Add JAR--> Arial.jar and then check Reloadable box

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Hey, Lange. If above solution solved your PDF reading issue, please mark it as a right answer. By the way, when you are creating PDF file, the bold function works well, right?

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