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I am trying to do the following:

My datasource is an sql database with client names and their relative data (data A and data B).

The database gives me a sort field in which the order of the subreports is defined, i.e. it sais which comes first - subreport A or subreport B. So it looks like that: "002, 001" (002 standing for subrep. B etc.) - this means it wants to print subreport B first, then A. The sort order is the same for every client.

My current aproach (please feel free to share if you have a better idea) is the following:

1. main page that loops through the clients

2. one subreport that prints out the data


i want to now pass that one subreport the sortorder.

the subreport then needs to loop through the sort order parameter in which i put "002, 001" and for each time print the subreport with data

Please help me to achieve this!

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