Is there a JasperReports library integration with Eclipse IDE tutorial?

I have been given a task to create a J2EE software that uses JasperReports library to display some customer reports. I though I just install jasperreports library jar into my classpath. Write a servlet that displays a web page where you can submit some attributes and then point JasperReports to a REST-interface to get the data. JasperReports would then display this data in a web page report. Template for the report would be done with IReport Designer. Export that to a WAR and run in Tomcat.

Now that I read all these different tutorials I'm totally lost with all this Ant-compiling and whatnot. Is there a 20 step tutorial where you install JasperReports library to Eclipse, write few lines of code and get a software that read stuff through REST (maybe from Flickr and displays some kinda report?




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1 Answer:

What you're looking for is Jaspersoft Studio with the JasperReports Server.

Then you can embed iframes, or REST calls in your App.


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