How to connect an embedded derby database with ireport 3.5

Hello developers;

Iam building a test engine with Java. As a desktop application i want a user to print out the examination result. therefore  i want to use ireport to compile the test scores and the candidate  details.

Am able to get the result when i use Msql database. But i want the application to be portable,therefore i created my database using embedded derby.

My problem now is that how can i connect ireport with my embedded database? of course the org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver is not listed in the JDBC connection wizard. I have tried to input it manualy

but i found an error message  Invalid Driver. Now i went to the tool menu>>options >>classpath and added the  derby.jar  file  to the classpath. yet i am unable to connect to my embedded derby.

These are the information in the Connetion Wizard:

Name: JConnection

JDBC Driver:

JDBC URL:  jdbc:derby://Users/DELL/Documents/NetBeansProjects/E_JAMB_SIMULATION/E_JambUsedb

database: E_JambUsedb

uername: dbuser

password: dbuserpwd

But i got this Error mesaage:       Please Insert a valid JDBC Driver!

am very much confused here and i need HELP!

 My application can lost its portability if i can not figure this out. of course i dont want to use Mysql database.

Thanks in addvance!!

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2 Answers:

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Sir dJohnson ; iam so happy that i can not express it.

It is like have just offered me some dollar bills.

My mistake is that i  was pointing to the derby.jar in the JDK library. So i have to change the classpath to my project classpath.


and also as an embedded derby, i have to adda : create= true after calling my database.

You are a gem.



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