DomEL Set from query


I was wondering if it is possible to create a set from a query in DomEL.

My example goes a little like this

Table: Orders

  • order_id
  • user_id
  • divsion_id
  • division_parent_id

Table: Users

  • user_id
  • division_id

now my idea is to show rows that match these filters:

orders.user_id IN (select user_id from users) OR orders.division_id IN (select division_id from users) OR orders.division_parent_id IN (select division_id from users)


Why do I want this? The idea is to then have a row-level access to the users file (so only showing the current user from table users). Such I would create a domain that only shows the orders that the current user is allowed to see (more than his personal orders)


Any idea how I could achieve this?

Any input welcom and thanks a lot,


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