How should I use MongoDbDataSource since the newer version 1.0.0 doesn't have a CONNECTION symbol?



When mentioning MongoDB and JasperReport, all the articles I can find is to use 

parameters.put(MongoDbDataSource.CONNECTION, connection);

to combine MongoDbDataSource / MongoDbConnection. And this works with "js-mongodb-datasource-0.5.0.jar", which can be downloaded from JasperSoft website.


However, I found that a newer version (1.0.0) comes accopanied with iReport 5.1.0. Since it's newer,  I gave that the first try, and the JVM told me that "The CONNECTION symbol can't be located"! And then I tried to use the older one, and succeeded to compile. 


Being through this, I wonder whether there's a documentation or some notes to tell me how to combine the connection and the data source? The version numbers differ so much, is there a performance improvement from the older one? Hope that someone can tell me , thanks.


parameters.put(MongoDbDataSource.CONNECTION, connection);
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