JasperMobile Data Driven Input Controls Aren't Working


My report uses query driven Multi-Select input controls to pick text values.  When the input control is selected the value "All" shows up checked, but cannot be unchecked, nor is there a way to see or select the values that should be in the pick list.

I tried this first with iOS 6 that the iPad shipped with and iOs 7.0.2 after I upgraded the OS, to no avail.  It's a brand new iPad 4.

Please let me know if this is a known problem or if there's a workaround.





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I too am experiencing problems with cascading parameters in the IOS app, but not when using in the JasperServer via http.  For example I have two input controls, below are the properties of the two controls.  In this example when the user selects the division(s) form the divisionList that should then effect the pmList results via the query portion "WHERE $X{IN,p.divisionID,divisionList}".  Instead what is happening is that the pmList is greyed out and not useable (see attached image)

Input Control 1:

Name: divisionList
Type: Multi-select Query (Check Box)

"SELECT divisionID,title FROM divisions WHERE isActive=1 ORDER BY title"

Input Control 2

Name: pmList

SELECT DISTINCT e.employeeID as pmID,e.fullName from projects p
LEFT JOIN divisions d
ON p.divisionID = d.divisionID
LEFT JOIN employees e
ON p.pmID = e.employeeID
WHERE ISNULL(p.isActive,0)=1 AND ISNULL(e.isActive,0)=1 AND $X{IN,p.divisionID,divisionList}
ORDER BY e.fullName
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I had a problem attaching image here it is: http://picpaste.com/jasper_cascading_ios_problems.jpg

kackleyjm - 7 years 7 months ago