Drilldown report loading issue

Hello everybody,

i am new to Jasper Report Server and walked through the following tutorial, which was realy helpfull for creating a drilldown report. http://www.jaspersoft.com/blog-entry/jasperreport-server-repository-advantage
I created a report that passes a parameter to another report by a hyperlink. This works well so far. But after the drilldown report shows up, i allways have to click the refresh button, to get the report loading its data. Otherwise it only displays a blank page. 
How can I avoid this behaviour, so that the drilldown report automaticaly shows the data.
Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for my bad english.
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1 Answer:

Hi Carsten,

Please find the below path which you need to modify for the report.view.runtime javascript file 
Report.initialize = function() {
    Report.exportForm = $(Report.EXPORT_ACTION_FORM);
    this.nothingToDisplay = $('nothingToDisplay');
    Report.refreshReport();//add new line
    if ($(Report.DATA_REFRESH_BUTTON)) {
    $(Report.DATA_REFRESH_BUTTON).observe('mouseup', function() {
    this.rerunReport({freshData: true});
    Please go to the line no 39 and add Report.refreshReport(); 
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