Drill Down Jasper Reports integration within web application

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I am interested to see if anyone has integrated Drill Jasper Reports within a existing web application. I am looking at the different options which can help me achieve the same. Please do let me know if anyone has come across a similar implementation and they have succeeded the same.

  • We have installed the jasper war in JBoss application and everything works fine including the drill down of reports.
  • We would like to know if in case the same reports are to be embedded in our JSP pages, what are the steps to be followed.
    • Do we need to compile them to .jasper if we need them to be used within JSP or we can still use jrxml files
    • How can we ensure that drill down still works the same way as it was working within the jasper server.
    • How can handle back button when we gow with drill down reports, will it be handled by the browser back button.
    • We have a requirement to go with a level of around 15-20 drill downs, will there be any impact.
  • Do we need jasper war to be installed in my application server for drill down to work within my application or we can just have the jasper reports runtime environment to make it work.

Please do help us with the above questions.



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