Getting Error: 404 Not Found while trying to connect to Jasperserver Repository from iReports Designer

I am trying to create a repository conncection between jasperserver and ireport designer, but error 404 not found is coming. please help me out. Also let me know that while creating connection it ask for "ID". It can be any Id or some specific ?

I am using ireport version  5.1.0 and jasperserver version 5.2

Its urgent.. pls help

Attached is log file

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2 Answers:

Anyone has encounter this problem yet?? please let me know the solution of this issue asap . Also, I have seen the procedure in creating a repositor in idesigner, there is a option to fill the text box by "Organization_1" , but this option is not available in m ireprot repository connector.

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me too ... any idea what is the sol for this

Kris123 - 10 years 1 week ago

Community Edition of Jasper Server and iRport do not provide the feature of domains and domain based reports. 

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it provide the domain based reports but here I am talking about connectivity issue of jasperserver with ireport repository.

himanshug92 - 10 years 6 days ago

When i was using the JR server 5.2.0 with iReport 5.1.0 i saw the same error , but now i have uninstalled the 5.1.0 and installed 5.2.0 of iReport and now i am able to connect with no problem. let me know if it doesnt work for you. I guess both the server and iReport should be of Commercial version i guess.......

Kris123 - 10 years 6 days ago