No Input controls in the report. JS 5.1

Hi all, 

I've just installed Jaser Server 5.1.0, and imported all data from my old Jasper Server 4.5.0.

When I try to run any report in the Report Viewer inside Jasper Server, I can't see any input controls inside them.

On old server reports run good.


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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2 Answers:

Take a look at Input Controls are not rendering in hyperlink target reports in 5.x versions of jasperserver

It may be your issue.  Please let us know one way or another.

Hope it helps,

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Hello Phishellec,

If u are using query base input control and pass user name dynamicaly  so use 'user_name = $P{LoggedInUsername}' may it will help u because it worked for me in  jasperserver 5.2 i have migrate this.

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