Why are my Subreport and Main Reports returning different data?

I’ve used a crosstab in the Summary band of my Subreport to create a dynamic column/pivot table. When I run this independently its working fine and is returning the data correctly, as expected.

Then when I reference it in another report as a Subreport within the Detail Band, it runs okay with no errors, but with some of the data is missing.

I’ve used the following:

Subreport data expression is      $P{SUBREPORT_DIR} + "mySubreportFile.jasper"

Connection type                              Use a datasource expression

Datasource expression                  $P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE}

Can anyone advise please? Unfortunately for security reasons, I cannot provide any files to look at.

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1 Answer:


Try this

Add report as a resource into main report.

And use :repo.resource_name in subreport expression.

This may solve your problem. Let me know.



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Hi Ajinkya

Thanks for replying to my question. Due to time constraints I had to find a way to do my report without needing to use a subreport, so in the end I didn't use a subreport at all. But when I need to do another report using a subreport, I will try your suggestion. Thanks again for your help.


zoombaba - 9 years 4 months ago