Problem with Padded columns on XLSX export

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I have tried for days to solve my problem, and I have made some progress, but I have not been able to solve it.  Upon export to an XLSX file, my report seems to want to merge columns into one another, which makes the resulting spreadsheed unuseable.  I have made considerable progress aligning all of the associated boxes together, to remove any spaces, but this technique doesn't provide a total solution.  I have resorted to editing the jrxml file by hand to try and get things to line up correctly.  It seems to me that iReport is not robust enough to handle this problem in designer.  Also, I am working with a jrxml file that was given to me to "get it working" and it works fine in PDF format.  I have attached a resulting export as an example.

I have tried manipulating the properties such as:



and while some of them produce results (the column.width ones), they don't solve my problem.

So has anyone else run into this issue before?  Is JasperReports capable of producing such a complex report - with multiple headings over several columns of data?  Really, it is just a table we are trying to produce for subsequent editing.  It should not be this tough to do.

Maybe I should start over with my own copy and go from there.  Any thoughts/suggestions/opinions?  All would be appreciated.

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