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So it is becoming pretty clear to me that Jaspersoft has no intention of improving their charting libraries, even though we pay ~$30k a year for the privelage of using the "Professional" components (Fusion Charts and HighCharts).

What options are there out there for 3rd party charting libraries? Funsion Charts actually does pretty much all you could ever want from a charting library, but for some reaon Jaspersoft haven't implimented any of the basic funcitonality (eg, combination cahrts, multi-axis, export to SVG or even Image when exporting PDFs, multiple data set support). Is there any company out there that has created a library to use these components properly?

Even HighCharts does pretty much all you'd want, but again, Jaspersoft appear to have done the bare minimum needed to add the component into the palette, and left out all the functionality provided by pretty much every other reporting suite for the last 10 years...

Have I made a mistake going with Jaspersoft? Surely there is hope?

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