Jasper Barcode Image nNot reading in windows xp



 In our java application we are using several JASPER reports. and in one report i'm printing some kind of Barcode images.

My problem is when i print the barcode image form IE8, in windows 7 i got the image printed properly and i can scan the image by scanner without any problem. whereas if i printed the images from IE 8, windows xp machine, the image doesnot printed properly (it is printing like blured one) and not able to scan it. Nearly 400 of our clients using xp configuration, so we have to fix this problem immediately ASAP. so pls help me.

Also I want to know the cause for this problem.

1. Is it because of are we missing out of any jar files related to windows xp.?

2. Is it a report settings that we missed out in our report.?

what else i missed out.pls let me know.


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can creating a new Jasper report template help? and then used reader for java to recognize it

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I have an old bar code reader that is sending some control codes before and maybe after it reads the bar code.

I need a way to capture these codes so I can duplicate them on a new reader. The current unit is so old I have no info on it or a way to get the config.
The control box is connected via RS-232 to the computer. manual for the reader.


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