How Can I Use Widget's Pro as an Input Control?



Anyone know how to do this?  The Linear Gauge control in Widgets Pro for instance has an "Edit Mode" you can select.  In Edit Mode, you can move the pointer on the scale to a different value, which is a pretty slick experience.

Is it possible to regenerate a table, or map, or something else based on the change made to the Linear Gauge?  If so, any information you could share on how this can be done is greatly appreciated.  I am thinking there must be a way, otherwise the "Edit Mode" thing is totally useless, no?

Thanks for your help!



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I just understand your requirement that means whatever changes in pointer that you made should replicate in table or crosstab of same report.

I am not sure about this requirement but its great feature if this is possible then it helps in creating interactive live dashboards.

Please raise enhancement request for that feature so that you get to know that feature already present or not. if not present then may be add in next realeases.



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