Can we use report templates in Jasperserver?

Is it possible to use the custom report templates or style templates created in iReport for building new ad-hoc reports in Jasperserver?  If so, how?

If not, what is to best way to apply common styling, such as logos, fonts, colors, etc., to ad-hoc reports?

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1 Answer:


you can open and modified adhoc domain based report in iReport, but it may loose some functionality.

But you should try to open adhoc domainbased report in iReport and apply your style & logos. Then check & let me know that if it works fine or not.

When I try to open adhoc domain based report in iReport it gives me msg about loosing functionality.

Please let me know what happen with your requirement.

If it looose functionality then you may raised enhancement requuest for that & which version you are using now?



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