How to install and use a font family member?


There are so many font questions on the forum I'm sorry if I've missed this on in my reading and duplicated it.

Set up

  • I have an jasper report template I'm working on in iReport.  I have a font family Helvetica LT Std that I want to use 6 members of. 
  • I have ensured that the fonts are installed on my machine.  I have ensured that they are all TTF. 
  • I have installed all six fonts by going into 'iReport>Preferences>Fonts>Install Fonts' (using a Mac).
  • I have set all the font details ('Bold, Italic, Bold Italic' etc) to the same .ttf file 
  • I have checked to see if the fonts have been imported by checking 'Contents/Resources/ireport/ireport/fonts' and confirming that the fonts are present
  • I have then restarted iReport

I understand that ultimately these fonts will need to be packaged into a jar file for use on the server.

The Problem

I am not able to see my newly imported fonts in the font selection list.  I can only see the main font family listed 'Helvetica LT Std'.  

The Question

How do I correctly install a full family of fonts for use in a report where the font family member falls outside the usual 'Bold, Italic, Bold Italic'?



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