how to create a report using jaspersoft php client


    I'm new to jaspersoft. I'm working on a php web application and i want to implement jaspersoft reporting in it. I went through a lot of the available documentation. I used rest api and i was able to connect to the repository and download a report present in the repository as a pdf. My question is is it possible to create a report using php client. I didn't find any example doing that. Also i want to know if it is possible to use mysql queries to fetch data from a DB and use that data to create a report. Any help is appreciated.

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2 Answers:

Sorry my friend... is imposible, ... you must desing your report in jasperstudio and create a web interface to send it parameters to your report...


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Yes you can do it by using composite resources that you can specify your data sources your jrxml file, input controls

 $c = new Client(
     $report = new ReportUnit;
     $report->label = "file5Report";
     $report->description = "file5Report";
     $report->jrxml = "/jrxml/file2";
     $report->dataSource = "/datasources/datasource";
     $c->repositoryService()->createResource($report, "/ImageFolder", false);
}catch (\Jaspersoft\Exception\RESTRequestException $e){
      echo $e->getMessage();

I hope that my answer is helpfull

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