LocalHost/8080- Login Page is not opening

Dear Team,

After i am installed JasperServer5.2 30days trail version on Windows XP. First i click  "start service "and then i try to open loginpage(http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro/login.html or http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro ) didnt open.

did i miss any step. and also in the Windows Services when i try to start "Jasperreportstomcat" Service i am getting Message

"Windows Could not start the JasperreportsTomcat on LocalComputer. for more info check the system log...."

what does it means.


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Same problem with me but unable found solution, Please let me know if you or anyone solve this.




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I'm seeing same problem. can anyone help, please ?

fatima.nebti - 3 years 1 week ago

fatima.nebti ,  This question is very old.  You should ask a new question with your particulars.

djohnson53 - 3 years 1 week ago