iReport Designer vs Jaspersoft Studio

iReport Designer (netbeans-based) and Jaspersoft Studio (eclipse-based) report designer for  JasperReports and  JasperReports Server.

both tools looks like have same features, but I need to konw the difference between them.

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1 Answer:

you can give a look at the following page that was created back at the time when JSS 2.0 was released:

The idea is that in the future all the new features and future developments will be available in Jaspersoft Studio. So it's better to get in touch and start using it.
iReport will continue to be supported but no new features, besides the essentials support to the upcoming JR releases, will be implemented. This is mostly because of its existing large users-base and since it is the most popular report designer for JasperReports. However the plan is to move people to the adoption of Jaspersoft Studio.

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