Jasper Mobile in ADT with Maven

Dear Team,

I'm using ADT bundle (adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130717) to Andrid developments. And I installed m2e to it.

I'm using external Maven (3.1.0) with eclipse.

I refered jasperreports-server-mobile-guide_4.

And I have already downloaded these projects.

  • jaspersoft-mobile-sdk-android-1.5-src
  • maven-android-sdk-deployer-master
  • jaspermobile-android-1.5-src
  • jayway-maven-android-plugin-samples-80543e4

Im  confused about how to combine and start developing using these projects in eclipse ADT.

I do lots of googling but I couldnt find tutorials about Jasper Mobile Development for Android.

Please help me.

Thank You.


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