Jasperserver5.0 on AWS Free account

Hi All , 

I want to host a Jasperserver5.0 on Amazon AWS using the free demo account .

This free aws account gives 613 MB of ram . Any usage beyong 613 MB of ram is chargable. 

Can someone guide me how much RAM / hard disk / processor jasperserver5.0 needs including tomcat , java and pg3 db . Will i be able to host this on free aws account  without paying much.


PS : I have jasperserver professional license with me so i dont want to take  $1/hour aws hosting .








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1 Answer:

Hi Ankush,

JasperReports Server requires 2GB of RAM because of the app server, database server and our server that need to all run. You cannot run Jaspersoft on the free EC2 tier. The smallest instance we have been able to run our server on is m1.medium which is about $0.12/hour for on-demand pricing or $0.028/hour for reserved instance, heavy usage.



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Thanks Kavaden for your suggestions.

ankushchhabra - 10 years 1 month ago