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The scenario I am trying to implement is that a report for a regional manager will show: "Money Spent in his/her region. With the option to drill down at state level and then city level and then zip level". This seems possible by creating a topic and creating a adhoc view. Regional Manager could be assigned different regions. So my basic question is on how to make the report show data specific to the user who is logged in. Is there any best practice around it? Can I use logged in user name and pass in report SQL query? Or some better way?


ps: I am newbie in Jasperoft. 

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1 Answer:


You can also make a drilldown report by using hyperlink report in iReport where you pass parameter through hyperlink to same or differenr report.

So that you can easily use $P{LoggedInUsername} which is in-built parameter in your query where condition. 

I am not sure that which is best way but this is one possibilty of your requirement.

Please let me know if you found better solution.




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Thanks Ajinkya. I finally landed up in using custom data source. My Custom Data Source makes web service calls to my API server. API server returned data based on the user. Since in my case there was so much dependency on user, I landed up in having Loggedin user parameter to web service.

manpreet.singh - 8 years 11 months ago

Thanks manpreet for your reply, I will also try this way.

ajinkya_c - 8 years 11 months ago