Jaspersoft Studio 5.2.0 very slow


I've tried JasperSoft Studio for the first time, but it works very slowly. User actions such as clicking a text field on report design usually take at least one second. During that time I can see how all text-field formatting controls (top toolbar / properties view / etc) are slowly refreshed. If I hold Ctrl and press a couple of text fields in a row, this takes even longer. This happens not only when I click something on the design, but also when I choose a component eg. in Outline view. That is just one of examples, there is more such situations where the studio is so laggy. For instance, entering text of static label in the report design. I can type a couple of letters, then quickly press backspace several times and watch how it's being "animated" for the next 1 or 2 seconds.  Is there anything wrong with my setup of machine/OS or JasperSoft Studio is basically so slow?

My hardware is quite ok ( DELL Latitude E6530, Intel Core i5). My software is Win7, JRE1.7u25. I tried both 32 and 64 bit versions of JasperSoft Studio 5.2.0 but both seem to be so laggy.


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I'm seeing the same.  My background is a fair number of years using iReport (Pro) for report design and each new version of jasperstudio I find much, much slower than iReport.  So much so that after 15-20 minutes fo attempted use, I can't put up with it and switch back to iReport.

I know that this is beta software and am fine with it not being entirely up to snuff, but it is worth mentioning that the replacement for iReport should be as fast as iReport (or at least close enough to not result in user frustration).


My environment is a Ubuntu 12.04 system, 8GB RAM, SSD and i7 processor, so it's about as fast as something can be.

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I also use iReport currently, it performs much better

ad.dy - 9 years 11 months ago

Yeah, same thing here. Just started using Jaspersoft Studio 5.2.0 on my desktop with 16GB RAM, i7-3770 CPU, SSD, and it performs signifigantly worse than a 4 year old Lenovo Ideapad with 1GB of RAM running iReport 5.2.

I was told that this was the software to use, as Jaspersoft would be developing all new features in this, but not in iReport. Is that still the case? It seems like this software really isn't a suitable replacement for iReport at all.

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It's dissapointing that what is supposed to replace iReport is so slow. Even common actions such as resizing text feels slower than in iReport. Not unsusable, but when every action feels slow the overall experience is really poor. 

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I hate to be a 'me too', but having been doing other things for a couple of years, I needed to get back into report writing so I downloaded Jaspersoft Studio, gave a little sigh to note it was Eclipse-based (due to it being notoriously slow), spent about 3 minutes waiting for it to load on a Core I3-based laptop with 6GB of RAM, tried it out for about the same amount of time and then wiped it in favour of iReport.

Really baaaad.

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I have done the same experience running 5.5 version of Jasper Studio. I totaly disagree the choice to change the platform (from NetBeans to Eclipse).

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Studio is the go forward platform for JasperReports and Jaspersoft desktop design. New features will not be added into iReport beyond 5.5.


I can't speak to Studio 5.2., but I can give some advice for Studio 5.5 performance.

In the "Jaspersoft Studio.ini" or the "Jaspersoft Studio Professional.ini" file, remove the line:


Save and restart.

This will make the startup of Studio much faster. It may take several restarts of Studio to get its cache in order after the clean option is removed.


Studio, because it is based on Eclipse, does require more memory and CPU than iReport, which was based on NetBeans.

To have an easy experience with Studio, plan on needing at least 1/2 GB of RAM for it, and more if you have large reports. And the faster the CPU the better.




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...it's the drawing of objects that is unbearable slow and sluggish. I've got a report with lot of graphics, iReport 5.5.1 it's quite fast in response after any changes. Studio 5.5.1 on the same hardware (8 Gb iMac with Core 5 cpu, Xmx4Gb in jaspersoftstudio.ini) takes tenth of seconds just to scroll down from first to last page, resizing o positioning of objects with mouse is almost impossibile, you move your pointer and the interface responds after 10 to 15 seconds! How much faster a cpu should I buy to use this tool?


sergio.sartori - 9 years 2 months ago

I'm using Studio 5.5.1 with an iMac 21, 2.7 Ghz Core5, 8 Mb ram... it's slow in design, so slow that I can wait 3 or more seconds before a keypress or a mouse gesture has some effect on screen. Not so bad when I run the report.

I'm using lot of chart objects but in config I set

What can I do to speed up this thing?
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I am also have the same problem. Any solution for this

senthilchettyin - 8 years 10 months ago

I'm a pure C programer with FLTK and I integrate my C app to execute a java app that call a jasper.

This is a greate solution for report manager in C, but this JasperStudio is a BIG BUG SOFTWARE, I can,t believe that a company like jasper made it.

I Will use haru pdf library.

Bye bye jasper. Time to learn a programmer code write.

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