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this question is more related to font and licensing issues than technical issues related to using Japanese fonts. 

some history: last time i touched ireports and jasper reports was around 4 years back, it was the first and last time i did some changes to the report.

Currently, i have a task of modification those old reports plus adding some additional details to those reports. Back then i used ireport 2.x and jasper lib 3.1 and itext 2.0.8 with itextasian lib. 

now when i tried to convert these old reports i ran into the font issues. most of the reports uses HeiseiMin-W3 and HeiseiKakuGo-W5 with encoding UniJIS-UCS2-H (Japanese). so i need to know i am doing the right thing or not.
1- So basically i need these two fonts in my class path [i figured out from the lots of other post that i should use the font- extension i.e, create the jar file using ireport under tools-options.]
2- the fonts used in older reports HeiseiMin-W3 and HeiseiKakuGo-W5  are commerical fonts need to buy license to use them ? [this part i am not sure of, how does it works for older lib not the new ones ? ]
3- after searching the internet i found that HeiseiMin-W3 and HeiseiKakuGo-W5  are available in otf fonts from adobe. [ i am currently in Singapore and adobe will not sell me these fonts cause of different country, tried asking my boss to order from japan] [ from the internet and jasper doc ttf and otf fonts are supported]

as of now i left with a task which i have little knowledge of, esp when it comes to changes in ireports and jasper reports. And i donot know where to get these fonts to use although i am authorized to buy them for my company. 

given that these reports are bit old and my lack of knowledge , I am kinda flying blind. I would highly appreciate if any can point me towards the right direction. 

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