How to create custom reports ?

Is it possible to create custom reports.I mean I have different customers in organization but I want create report in such a way that reports should not be public they should be custom report fro each customer so customer1 can't see the customer2 report.Is it possible to create report like that .If yes please give me steps to for js-import and js-export.









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Hi,  why can't you set report permissions in repository for each user/user_role? Is that an option?

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Thanks for replay.The customer1 and customer2 have same user_role.My problem is if i create a report it can view and run by all the customers but i want report should be custom report.If the report belong to customer1 then customer2 should not view the report.I think you understand the problem what i am saying ..

rsuddhala - 9 years 11 months ago