Chart Customization : Access Chart's Series expression's value in Customize() method

I am using JasperReports Server 5.0 professional Version. For one of the report, I am using Chart Customizer to customize the color of the bars. Evaluation Time is Report In iReport, i have defined the Series expression as $F{form} + "(" + $V{month} + ")" In customize method of Java file, i want to access above expressions' value which are 1-sep , 2 - Oct, 3 -Jan , 4 -Feb I have tried the following code to get Series values but no success. public JRCategorySeries[] categoryList = null ; JRFillCategoryDataset categoryDS = (JRFillCategoryDataset)jasperChart.getDataset(); categoryList = categoryDS.getSeries(); SubCategoryAxis domainAxis = new SubCategoryAxis(""); domainAxis.setCategoryMargin(0.05); for (int i = 0 ; i
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