How do I Set Ad-Hoc View, to filter acording to loged in language ?


Ok so When a user creates a Ad-Hoc report, it will bring back data from All languages (Yes I know the user can manually filter by language)

I need to change the jasper code so that the Ad-Hoc view will automatically only show data according to logged in language

So if you are logged in, in English and create a Ad-Hoc view, it will only bring back English data

Note: The database is setup so that I can just use

Where language_id = 3
-- 3 = English (this will change depending on logged in language)

and it will show the correct data for that language

So what I am asking is, how can I change the Jasper-server code so that it automatically filters all Ad-Hoc reports by

Where language_id = logedInLanguageID

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