Sub-reports and page numbers

Hi guys,

I know this question was asked before in different ways, but didn't find any solution for my situation.
Things are simple .One main report with a lot of information in title.I created two sub-reports and placed them in title band.They are bigger than one page each.

I also have a page footer in the main report, which displays correctly except for sub-reports in title band.I have tried to add the page footer to subreports but the issue is when last page finished in the middle
of the main report page , I get the page footer printed ,which is not what I want.Some people suggested to use the main report page footer everywhere , but how can I foce title band to display it for each new page generate by subreports.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks.

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3 Answers:


Create a main report to call the current main report as a sub report with a dummy query in the report query  and put the page number in the newly created report in the page footer band.

Thank you

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Didn't think about this, probably will work, but the report will be a little over-complicated.

patruadrian - 9 years 8 months ago

It wont be complicated. Put the sub report in the detail band and give a dummy query for this main report to call the sub report. Hope it will help :)

gjswan - 9 years 8 months ago
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Thank you guys for your quick answers.I didn't try them yet, but soon.

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