Spring-loaded hibernate session with custom spring version


I am struggling to get the Spring-loaded hibernate session work, and I suspect the issue is that iReport comes with a bundled Spring and Hibernate3, so my spring-hibernate configuration file does not seem to work. I am getting a java.lang.reflect.MalformedParameterizedTypeException.

Now I see 2 possibilities:

  • Create a new pring-hibernate configuration file which works with iReport
  • Make iReport use the jars of Spring from my project

How could I solve this issue ?



After more trial-and-error with a custom-config-file I see that the problem is in reality the bundled hibernate3 version which does not work with my hibernate4-annotated pojos. After reading about the subject I realise that I can not easily update iReport 5.1 to hibernate4...

I am open to any suggestion !

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