Changing to new (remote) postgres DB after bundled install

I have done a pg_dump on my bundled jasperserver DB and loaded my existing data into my new remote postgres DB.  I then changed the tomcat config.xml to point to the new remote database.  I deleted the jasperreports-server-5.1/apache-tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/jasperserver-pro.xml.  After restarting tomcat I just get a 404 not found on home.html and any other .html page I try to navigate to.  My catalina.out has no error messages in it.  Is it possible to change Postgres DBs after doing a bundled install? Any ideas what could be causing my 404 errors?

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1 Answer:

Why did you delete the "jasperserver-pro.xml" config? What is the config.xml?

Try to edit 


As far as I remember these are the db-settings used by the webapp for connect, but there may be other locations to do that.

Cheers, Thomas

P.S.: You propably will have to reconfigure all db-connections you have defined in the js-repository for report execution etc.

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