Facing a problem with printing horizontal subreport

Facing a problem with Jasper report(i-report).I have 2 reports..one main report and a sub report.the data souce of the sub report is a List which is included in main report.the main report should print vertically and the sub report should print horizontally.when I am displaying the Report from Junit from eclipse, it is working fine. But whenever trying to show the report from server, the report is not shown in proper way,sub-report is printing vertically.

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1 Answer:

As far I can see, it depends on the output format you select. In xls it works, as pdf or internal preview unfortunately not. So, if your question about "on the server" means jasperserver, the reply is "no". That does not work.

You will find many posts asking the same question if you use the search words "combine horizontal and vertical subreport"

But if you have your own application generating the report, you could generate the single, different-oriented subreports one by one, and then put them all together using the iText library or the JR PDFExporter.

Have a look here:


or here:


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