Configure default summary method not working

I'm evaluating the Jaspersoft AWS offering for my company and having issues with configuring a default summary method other than SUM.
It's an issue for us because summing on some of our columns causes an overflow error because the numbers are too large. They are pseudo guid values, and summing more than 10 of them will guarantee an overflow.
To configure this, I currently use the Domain Designer, under the "Display" tab to select the measure in question and then click on "Edit" on the right side panel. This lets me change the dropdown under "Summary Method" to "Distinct Count". Is there another place I should be configuring this?
When I add that measure to the ad-hoc editor, I get a vague error, which I eventually track down to find that it is attempting to SUM the column even when I tell it to count unique values. I've recreated the Domain a number of times, each with the same result.
  • Can I prevent Jaspersoft from summing a measure?
  • Are there other places I should configure the default aggregate method?
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Hello there - You are right to use the Domain designer display features. If the field contains pseudo guid values, you will be best changing the type from "measure" to type "field." When you set a field to type "Field" the summary function list only makes functions count and distinct count available. 

Let me know how this works for you - good luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion! Unfortunately, it did not work.

I used the Domain Designer to set it as a field. When I opened up the ad-hoc editor, it appeared under the list of Fields as expected.

When adding it to the workspace as a field, e.g. to the rows, it comically lists every unique value in the field, pretty much as expected. There's no obvious path from here.

When I right click on the listing and select "Use as measure", it moves it to the measures list as expected. When I add it to the workspace, it attempts to run query with the incorrect aggregation method again, causing the error.

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