iReport gives null values when there is valid data in the related parameter


I'm using the parameter dateExtKa61 to send data from Java to iReport. Although no apparent mistake was found, when the application is executed, the report always returns null values. Even when there is valid data.


During debug I have checked for the values bellow:
ka00.getKa00e1DTO().getDateExt() which is "10/04/2013 09:54"
girBudget.get("dateExtKa61").toString() which is <error(s)_during_the_evaluation>

Then command bellow have runned:
girBudget.put("dateExtKa61", ka00.getKa00e1DTO().getDateExt());

Finally, I have checked for the second value again:
girBudget.get("dateExtKa61").toString() which is "10/04/2013 09:54"


Is it possible to have a problem with the report?

Best regards!

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